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Creative Consciousness, Astrology, and Intuitive Energy Updates. Teachings of Non-Duality, Embodied Awakening, and the Divine Feminine.
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The Illusory Gap Need Not Be Bridged

When egos are no longer meddling in biases or fixes or “making others see,” the natural, healthy, perfectly timed solution emerges.

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Original text version published on May 27, 2022:

Erin Reese, M.S.
New Moon in Gemini: The Illusory Gap Need Not Be Bridged
This Monday, we welcome the New Moon in the mutable air sign of Gemini, the Twins. Gemini, boosted by its ruler Mercury-Hermes, rules communication of all sorts. Speaking, writing, networking. Podcasting, videos, emails, newsletters. Texting, social media, and that dreaded and loved apparatus known as the “s…
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Erin Reese, M.S. is a writer, author and intuitive channel. Her foci include astrology, the Divine Feminine, cosmic consciousness, and nondual wisdom. She is the author of the memoir Truth Seeker: A Spiritual Adventure of Love, Loss, and Liberation.Visit for more information.

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