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Your Primal Instincts Are Calling

With Luna exactly conjunct Lilith at this New Moon, all sorts of repressed urges and fears and desires and needs may surface. Are you listening?

Image: Gustav Klimt, Water Serpents II (1907)

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Original text version published on June 28, 2022:

Erin Reese, M.S.
New Moon in Cancer: Your Primal Instincts Are Calling
Tomorrow, we have a New Moon in the cardinal water sign of Cancer, the highly-sensitive Crab. The same day, Neptune stations in Pisces and gives a particularly ample watery boost to a cluster of planetary aspects that virtually guarantee, if you are human and at all in touch with your inner life, that you will be fe…
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Erin Reese, M.S. is a writer, author and intuitive channel. Her foci include astrology, the Divine Feminine, cosmic consciousness, and nondual wisdom. She is the author of the memoir Truth Seeker: A Spiritual Adventure of Love, Loss, and Liberation.Visit erinreese.com for more information.

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